Stockbridge, GA Hourly Weather

TimeDescriptionTempFeelsPrecipHumidityWind3:15 amSatCloudy54°54°0%85%NNW 4 mph 4:00 amSatCloudy54°54°0%87%N 3 mph 5:00 amSatCloudy54°54°0%86%NNE 3 mph 6:00 amSatCloudy54°54°0%87%ENE 3 mph 7:00 amSatCloudy55°55°5%87%E 3 mph 8:00 amSatCloudy55°55°25%89%E 3 mph 9:00 amSatShowers56°56°40%89%ESE 4 mph 10:00 amSatShowers57°57°45%88%ESE 5 mph 11:00 amSatShowers59°58°40%83%ESE 6 mph 12:00 pmSatCloudy60°60°25%80%SE 5 mph 1:00 pmSatCloudy64°64°25%76%SSE 6 mph 2:00 pmSatCloudy68°68°25%72%SSW 7 mph 3:00 pmSatMostly Cloudy71°71°25%67%SW 6 mph 4:00 pmSatMostlyRead More

Henry County cities have mayor, city council races to decide

Election Day is Nov. 7; Henry County cities have mayors and city council members in the races. Find your polling place and sample ballot at In Hampton, Mayor Steve Hutchison is fending off a challenge from retiree Wayne Selman. The Hampton City Council has three vacancies to fill for four-year terms starting in January.Read More

Michigan State 2018 Recruits

On the banks of the Red Cedar, recruiting never stops. We’re here every step of the way to keep you informed with our daily notebook. Recruiting questions? Comment below or direct them to, and we’ll do our best to get them answered. We’re coming to the end of the 2018 recruiting cycle. Once NationalRead More

Tips on How to Choose an Apartment for Rent


Choosing an apartment to rent may seem simple and straight forward. However, experience and research has revealed the exact converse of what is perceived by most people. For this reason, it is usually to expect anything when searching for an apartment to rent. You may experience a series of rough times or you may findRead More

General Attributes of Apartments Worth Renting


When searching for an apartment, it is better to go for an apartment that possesses certain attributes. This is mainly because not every apartment is worth renting. The simple fact is that some apartments are meant for some people and not others. For example, a luxurious apartment may be god enough for an individual whoRead More

How to Inspect an Apartment Before Moving into It

apartment before moving into it

Searching for something that is very hard to find can prove to be frustrating and disturbing. This also applies to the search for an apartment to rent. There are numerous people who have reported that the search for an apartment to rent is one of the most frustrating searches that you can think of. ThisRead More